Grief Care Counseling: Hope and Healing for Children and Teens

Grief Care Counseling believes that no child or teen should grieve alone.  

We are passionate and committed to bringing hope and healing to hurting hearts.

Every grieving heart matters.  

Grief has no age or time limits.  It is a lifelong process that affects each of us in unique ways. Grief changes over time and can look different for children and teens at various developmental stages and life's milestones.  Whether a child or teens' loved one died days, weeks, months or years ago we welcome them wherever they are on their journey.   

Grief is not a problem or an issue that can be fixed.  It is a process of transforming pain and suffering into strength, healing and hope.  

Grief Care Counseling cares about grieving hearts. 

Any child who is old enough to love, is old enough to grieve
— Dr. Alan Wolfet