Individual Counseling

Our philosophy in working individually with clients is to understand, respect, and support them where they are on their journey.  We strive to help them understand and make sense of the multitude of changing emotions they may be experiencing.  Grief Care Counseling recognizes that children and teens grieve developmentally and, therefore, we utilize multiple modalities of grief interventions, such as verbal, art and play.  

Family Counseling


The death of a family member or close loved one affects the balance of the family system.   Each person reacts, processes, and copes in their own unique way.  Our goal is for families to share, listen, learn, and heal.  We are committed to supporting the family members as they reorganize their roles and help them navigate the process of developing a new-normal.  

Parental Consultation

At times it may be beneficial for parent(s)/guardian(s) to meet with us, individually, to discuss educational information on the topic of developmental grief, talk about ways on how to support the child at home, as well as, guidance on working with schools being aware and sensitive to your child/teens needs.   These sessions can be scheduled in addition to or in place of counseling sessions.  

Grief Care Counseling is also available to do in-home counseling sessions and legacy work. Please inquire for further details.

Counseling Process :  Grieving and healing is a process and a lifelong journey.  There are many documented benefits to grief counseling, such as a positive impact on relationships, developing a continued bond with the loved one who has died, reductions in distressing emotions, feeling validated and understood, and changed behaviors. Thinking about and discussing one’s personal grief experience can be challenging.  It is important to understand that processing all emotions, even the difficult ones, is an integral part in the process of healing and finding hope.

Grief can trigger a variety of emotional issues.  Grief Care Counseling works collaboratively with other professionals and can provide information on referrals in situations where a client may require additional resources for mental health.